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Commerce Bank

Contact: Kelly Krone, 972-867-2136, or Lance Wright, 913-515-7158,

Automated Electronic Accounts Payable solutions
, Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment, and Health Service Financing (HSF)

Contact: Kristine Shanks, 615-932-3000,

Medicaid eligibility service

Healthcare Education Strategies, Inc. (HESI)
Contact: Jean Ann Minzey, 225-622-4195,

Coding and documentation consulting and education

Healthcare Financial Assistance (HFA)
Contact: Ryan Messina, Ofc 800-459-0116 x228, Cell 504-377-5495,,

Healthcare Financial Assistance, Inc. (HFA) is a healthcare industry leader in the recovery of early out receivables and the management of early-out and extended business office projects. Since 1986, HFA has helped our clients face the difficult mission to provide quality healthcare to a growing number of uninsured and underinsured patients. As higher co-pays and deductibles become more common, reimbursements decrease, and the number of uninsured patients increases the financial pressure on healthcare facilities, we partner with our clients to ease the burden of their accounts receivables. We listen to your specific needs and requirements to develop customized recovery programs that are designed to help patients resolve their obligations while increasing cash flow to your bottom line.

The healthcare industry continues to evolve, and further changes to the industry are inevitable, forcing providers to adapt accordingly. Now, more than ever, finding a business partner who can help you capture more dollars early in the revenue cycle and who will maintain full compliance with all state and federal regulations is essential to your financial viability.

Healthcare Recovery Alliance
Contact: Mike Stewart, 800-710-2825,,

Healthcare Recovery Alliance was formed in 2002 to assist healthcare providers in the management of their account receivables. HRA offers, cost effective solutions to our clients. We understand the importance of A/R management. An important piece of that puzzle is guaranteeing you are paid at the correct rate. Losing money on multiple claims a day can be a detriment for a provider. Recouping those funds with an HRA payment audit can be the assistance you need to reach your monthly collection goal.

We specialize in workers compensation claims. Our staff can effectively build a rapport with payors not only to collect underpayments but to overturn denials as well. In a time of healthcare payment cuts, getting the maximum allowable due becomes crucial for a provider's success. We also offer insurance follow-up and appeal work as well as business office assessments and consulting services.



Contact: Mary Mitchell, (858) 213-9955,,

Hospital 340b program and hospital pharmacy benefit management.

Contact: Matt Bobo, (267) 648-5888,,

SUNRx helps healthcare safety net organizations manage discount drugs programs, save money, expand access, and generate the resources necessary to serve the nation’s uninsured. Our industry-leading technology seamlessly searches pricing options to assure that health centers, hospitals, payors, and patients always pay the lowest price for medications.

Utility Management Corporation
Contact: Steve Hunt, 601-948-2360 x43,

Energy utilization and consulting services

Cost Containment
Insurance Services
Information/Quality Services
Staffing Support