ShareCor is the shared services company of the Louisiana Hospital Association (LHA) and the Metropolitan Hospital Council of New Orleans (MHCNO). ShareCor’s mission is to improve the financial viability of Louisiana’s hospitals through cost effective and innovative programs and services.

Vendor Spotlight

At Compliance Partners, we configure quality, risk, and compliance solutions to fit your organizations specifications, which improves performance while reducing cost.
In modern healthcare delivery, efficiency is the key to sustainability. Compliance Partners recognize there’s no one-size-fits-all in healthcare delivery. That’s why it’s mission-critical for healthcare organizations of any size to have the knowledge and tools necessary to meet complex requirements. By partnering with you, we are able to streamline processes, provide reliable technology tools and implement best practices that are effective across the state, region and nation.

Managing quality, risk, and compliance across your organization takes a team. This is why Compliance Partners, as an endorsed partner of ShareCor, is dedicated to providing dynamic professional services to ShareCor members in the state of Louisiana. Powered by industry-leading healthcare technology, a team of Certified Specialists and Analysts snap into your existing team to support, enhance, and scale your fully quality, risk, and compliance program, so you can maximize resource allocation.

Our Services and technology include: Event Reporting; Activity Management; Contract and Vendor Management, Monitoring and Auditing Tools and Technology; Risk Assessment Services, and Policy and Document Management.

To learn more about Compliance Partners contact Mike Mouisset, ShareCor CEO, at 337-288-9057 or email or Jessie Smith, VP of Professional Services, at 504-264-5566 or email js